Disability insurance cash value benefits

DSC02136 (2007FallMapesView)Disability insurance cash value benefits are your monthly pay cheques benefits. The lifestyle you enjoy, your children’s college education, and your savings for a comfortable retirement all depend on your ability to work and earn money.  But disability can happen in an instant, both on work and off work, when a sudden accident or incident or serious illness leaves you unable to work to earn a living. Can you imagine a life of disability without your income?

Disability insurance cash value benefits would provide you with timely income protection if you lost your ability to earn income.  You can use the monthly cash value benefits to pay your living expenses, to pay your child’s day care expenses, to pay your various loans, to pay your different insurance plans, to pay your utility bills, and to pay your bills of  wireless phones and internet. The cash value income protection with monthly installments is particularly important if you are self-employed without access to a company pension plan.


How to take advantage of disability cash value benefits?

How much do you need for disability income protection?

How to achieve these disability cash value benefits?

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Yan Li 李燕

Yan Li 李燕

(Yan Li  李燕,President of Canada Valuelife Financial Services Corporation; Registered Teacher in Ontario Canada;  Licensed Insurance Advisor, President Award Winner; Author; Translator; Value Life Coach; Speak English and Mandarin.  Tel: 416-388-6484. Email: yan@find-the-value-in-life.com. Website: www. find-the-value-in-life.com. Contact Yan Li for more info based on your unique needs. Join our mailing list for more upcoming value life contents)


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