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DSC04247Life insurance creates cash value when it is most needed in life. Life insurance is one of the easiest simplest important ways to help protect your family, to protect your loved ones, with a large amount of tax-free cash value, called death benefit. This is a love gift from your heart, which you know that will do something for you, to ensure your fame and immortality, and most importantly, to tell your loved ones in your family: I Love You!

You love your family. You love them. You hope to provide them with life insurance cash value benefits in case death happens to you. You know that the cash value death benefits can help them pay off mortgage loans and credit debts, maintain their life style and pay daily expenses, pay for your children’s future education, and cover final expenses like cemetery or funeral costs.

Then what Yan Li, a professional insurance advisor, can do for you? Yan Li can recommend you the right insurance cash value benefits plan, to suit your budget, your lifestyle and your needs at every stage of life, and can offer you the flexibility to make changes as your needs evolve.

For example, how to choose affordable term life insurance cash value benefits plan?

How to choose comprehensive functional universal life insurance cash value benefits plan?

And how to choose personal and family accidental life insurance cash value benefits plan to protect you and your family from the financial consequences of a fatal accident?

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Yan Li has helped hundreds of thousands of clients achieve gains of their life insurance cash value benefits. And Yan Li is the honorable professional insurance advisor who won the grand president award in 2012 in the insurance industry.

Do you want to create cash value for your loved ones in your family?

Do you want to ensure your fame and immortality?

Do you want to insure your most important asset  – your life?

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Yan Li 李燕

Yan Li 李燕

(Yan Li  李燕,President of Canada Valuelife Financial Services Corporation;  Registered Teacher in Ontario Canada; Licensed Insurance Advisor ,  President Award Winner; Author; Translator; Value Life Coach; Speak English and Mandarin.  Tel: 416-388-6484. Email: Website: www. Contact Yan Li for more info based on your unique needs. Join our mailing list for more upcoming value life contents)


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