Visitors to Canada insurance benefits plan

DSC01978Visitors to Canada insurance benefits plans offer emergency medical coverage to visitors, immigrants, foreign students, and Canadians without government health insurance protection.

The emergency medical coverage and benefits include emergency medical expenses, return to departure point, bedside companion,transportation cost for the repatriatijon of remains, follow-up medical visits, insured person or travelling companion subsistence allowance, emergency dental treatment, and travel accident and dismemberment.

Emergency medical expenses must incur in Canada. However, if the emergency medical expenses incur during a side trip, and the side trip starts in Canada, they are also included in the insurance coverage. But the time you spend in Canada must be greater than the time you spend on your side trip.

Visitors to Canada insurance plan also provides coverage to the expense for local ground ambulance service to a hospital, physician or medical service provider in an emergency.  The insurance will pay for local taxi in lieu of local ground ambulance service, where an ambulance is medically required but not available.

DSC02052Visitors to Canada insurance benefits plan has pre-existing medical condition exclusion. For example, if you are under 50 years of age, and if at any time in the 90 days before your effective date, you have medical condition or related condition that has not been stable, the expenses for prescribed medication or treatment on this condition are not covered. And if you are over 50 years of age, and if at any time in the 180 days before your effective date, you have medical condition or related condition that has not been stable, the expenses  for prescribed medication or treatment on this condition are not covered. That is to say, the insurance company will not pay for any expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the pre-existing medical condition or related condition.

Visitors to Canada insurance provides different plans. Each plan offer an outstanding benefits value. If you have a medical emergency while travelling within Canada, please call toll-free anytime day and night to get in touch with a professional, who will refer you to a Canadian doctor or facility in order for you to receive the care you need.

Do you want to take the advantage of Visitors to Canada insurance plan? Do you want to know which  plan to choose and what outstanding benefits to obtain from the plan and the coverage? Call Yan Li today.  Yan Li is the professional insurance advisor, who has helped hundreds of clients obtain the insurance cash value benefits during the past years. She won the grand President Prize in 2012 in insurance industry. Call Yan Li today to book an appointment.

Yan Li 李燕

Yan Li 李燕

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