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Paradise IslandMy name is Yan Li. I am a licensed insurance advisor in Ontario Canada. My work career is help people with various insurance cash value benefits, so that people can access large amount of insurance cash value benefits to pay bills when unexpected death, disability, or critical illness happens to them. For example, they can use the cash benefits to pay off mortgage loans and credit debts, to pay day-to-day living expenses, to pay children’s education, and to cover final expenses like funeral costs.

Have you ever experienced the pains of losing a family member?  Have you ever experienced the pains of losing your job and income because of injury or illness? Have you ever had the struggling days when income suddenly loses or stops? Have you ever had the challenges when you suddenly do not have money to pay the coming bills?

The answer is YES to many people. I have lots of examples from my clients to show these pains, struggles and challenges.

The key point is, whether you have done something to control these pains, struggles and challenges, whether you have the benefits or  funds available when these pains, struggles and challenges come.

No doubt and definitely, the most significant accessible solution is to create insurance cash value benefits by buying an insurance cash value benefit plan.

I will tell you the solutions and examples of how to create significant insurance cash value to protect you and your loved ones, so that you have available cash to handle all the pains and bills.

I will tell you, based on your unique concerns and needs, how to gain the different types of insurance cash value benefits. They include:

– how to gain life insurance cash value benefits

– how to gain critical illness insurance cash value benefits

– how to gain disability insurance cash value benefits

– how to gain travel insurance cash value benefits

– how to gain health and dental insurance cash value benefits

– how to gain RRSP, TFSA, RRIF and POA cash value benefit with guaranteed investment funds

Creating insurance cash value is the simplest affordable way to keep your lifestyle and finance safe and secure. It  makes you live a peaceful life. It  makes you have sound financial source to pay all the bills.

If you want to know how you can achieve the  insurance cash value benefits when you need them most in life, call me today to book an appointment.

Yan Li 李燕

Yan Li 李燕

(Yan Li  李燕,President of Canada Valuelife Financial Services Corporation; Registered Teacher in Ontario Canada; Licensed Insurance Advisor, President Award Winner; Author; Translator; Value Life Coach; Speak English and Chinese Mandarin.  Tel: 416-388-6484. Email: yan@find-the-value-in-life.com. Website: www. find-the-value-in-life.com. Contact Yan Li for more info based on your unique needs. Join our mailing list for more upcoming value life contents)


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